There is no one to talk to in the Kremlin - Zelensky's press conference in a minute.

Under what conditions is it realistic to end the war against Ukraine already this year, why is there no one in the Kremlin to talk to about peace, what about China and the USA, what day was the most terrible in the last year (spoiler - footage from the released Buchi) read all the answers of president Zelenskyy - in a minute.

Wants to believe that everything will change in a year.

“The most important thing is unity. The biggest problem that can be is weakness inside the country. I don’t even want to think that on February 24, 2024 we will be in the same situation as now. It would be terrible. Ukraine and Britain are partners … Where are our Typhoon planes? Please ask my friend Rishi.”

Did not agree on ignoring Western intelligence war warnings.

“It seemed to me that I was here on the 24th, I didn’t go anywhere… I am no hero, but I must have done something, since we are here, in de-occupied Kyiv, in many de-occupied cities of our country. I must have done something” .

Believes that he destroyed the oligarchs (in response to a question from Channel 5).

“You are probably not very happy to hear this… It is very good that… Me, the president of Ukraine, destroyed the Russian presence in the Ukrainian parliament, destroyed Russian TV channels in Ukraine, destroyed the oligarchs. I am sorry that one of them is the owner of your channel (Petro Poroshenko)”.

He believes that China will not supply weapons to Russia.

“I really want to believe… I am doing everything to prevent this from happening. It is very important for us where China is now. It is better where we are now than in arms with the Russian Federation.”

And China’s “peace plan” is not targeted against Ukraine.

“I believe that there (in the peace proposals. - ed.) is respect for territorial integrity… There are points with which I do not agree… I believe that the initiator of any peace initiatives can only be the state, whose territory the war is taking place… We proposed a peace formula. I want to believe that China will be on the side of a just peace, which means that it is on our side.”

Wants to meet with Xi Jinping.

“This is to the benefit of our states and security in the world. We have a large turnover of goods with China. The issue is not only war.”

Bombarded the Chinese journalist with questions.

“You can’t kill people - do you agree with me? You can’t kill civilians - do you agree? You can’t occupy a nuclear plant - it’s dangerous for the whole world. Does China agree? This says that China supports the peace formula of Ukraine… We have many common views.”

Trolled the German journalist.

“Do you feel safer, are you less of a target for Putin?” - the journalist asked the president. In response, Zelensky said with a smile: “It always seemed to me that the Germans are more informed than I am about Putin’s thoughts.”

He considers the de-occupation of Buchi to be the most terrible day.

“Probably what I saw at the moment when we were de-occupying (Bucha. - ed)… It was very scary because of what it was… We saw that the real thing is that the devil is not out there somewhere. He is on our soil.”

Erdogan: there is no one to negotiate with in the Kremlin.

“There is no point in negotiations with Russia now… Before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, I told President Erdogan that it was necessary to sit down at the negotiating table with Putin. But then he could not organize it then.”

“Now he believes that he will succeed, but now we are not ready for that. Because there is no one to talk to in the Kremlin now.” To be strong in negotiations, one must be strong in battle. “Then we can really reach a just peace on the terms of the civilized world. If you retreat, if you are occupied, you will be humiliated. Russia already did this when they reached Kyiv… They set some conditions, tortured people - that’s all. .. That’s why it’s important to be strong on the battlefield… Let’s de-occupy as much as we can.”

Israel must choose a side.

“Israel has a difficult situation in relations with Russia - it has to do with Iran and Syria. But I would very much like them not to be mediators in this war, but for them to choose a side. And of course, I would very much like - a side of Ukraine”.

The Russian Federation is provoking Moldova.

“I gave the president of Moldova a document intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, that the Russian Federation wanted to change the country’s leadership. Now they are saying that there are some misunderstandings and shots fired on the border, on the contact line of Ukraine and Transnistria. And that Ukraine is going to enter the territory Transnistria… the Russian Federation is constantly provoking… They (the Russians. - ed.) wanted us to come in.”

And it can invade other countries.

“I believe that it is possible and can happen. Putin needs to show success and victories. There will be no success on the battlefield in Ukraine - at least we will fight if there is a supply (of weapons)… It can be where there is a weak point place. And it is desirable that these were also those states that were under the influence of Moscow even in Soviet times.”

If the Russian Federation seizes the Baltic states, the Americans will fight. “If it happens that Ukraine can’t stand it… then Russia will come to the NATO countries. They will enter and seize the Baltic countries. And then the USA will be forced to send its sons and daughters to war - as we send ours today… Who wants the Third world war? Does anyone want to risk it?”

So we need more weapons. “There are various NATO-type weapons that were in short supply before… It is a great victory that we have 155-caliber artillery, then HIMARS. This is really a new page of this war, a victorious one. The important point is armored vehicles… No one wanted to talk about it.”

Written by

Yevhen Alshan

Ukrainian writer & editor at Twiyo Content. Born in Donetsk, currently situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. I cover news from the heart of Europe’s fight for freedom.