Washington, Berlin and Warsaw Discuss Military Exercises in Poland

Washington, Berlin and Warsaw are discussing holding military maneuvers in Poland in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

What happened?

The US, Germany and Poland are negotiating to hold joint military maneuvers in Poland in response to a threat to NATO’s eastern border from Russia. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said this while speaking on the public-law TV channel ARD, DW reports. Pistorius emphasized that the training is currently “under consideration”. He did not provide any other details.

The minister reports that military maneuvers in the country bordering Ukraine would be a “very clear” signal to NATO allies, as well as to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

According to Pistorius, NATO is “not at all as weak as Putin has long believed, the Alliance is “much stronger and more united than last year”, before the large-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

Protest, “for the countries of Eastern Europe, such as Poland, the Baltic countries, Slovakia and others, it is important to see that Germany as the last European member of the alliance and the United States as a transatlantic partner ensure their defense commitments,” Pistorius added.


On February 23, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that his country is strengthening security measures on the border with Russia and Belarus.

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Yevhen Alshan

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