UkrOboronProm Produced First Own Mortar Mines, Artillery Shells and Projectiles for Tank Guns

What hapened?

Ukrainian national defense manufacturer UkrOboronProm launched the production capacities in close partnership with a NATO country to make the first batch of 125-mm projectiles for T-64, T-72, and T-80 tanks abroad. Order was made directly by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Source: UkrOboronProm

Why it matters?

For the first time since independence, Ukraine launched its own production of such ammunition: 82 mm and 120 mm mortar mines, 122 mm, and 152 mm artillery rounds, and now 125 mm tank shells.

For security reasons, production has been moved outside the country, but our Ukrainian specialists participate in creating ammunition: designers, technologists, turners, foundries, etc.


Ukroboronprom signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the supply of 120-mm mortar mines, which are also manufactured in cooperation with one of the participating countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ukrainians, getting an education at the world’s leading universities of USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, China, UAE will attend internship at Ukrainian Defence enterprises. Universities list include Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and more.

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Yevhen Alshan

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