Oil Depot Caught on Fire in Krasnodar Region. Russian Media Claim Drone Attack

A fire broke out at the Rosneft oil plant in Tuapse (Krasnodar Krai, Russian Federation) at night, local authorities reported. Russian Telegram channels write that two drones attacked the plant.

What’s known so far?

According to the message of the city administration, the fire, which started at night, was extinguished within an hour. The oil tanks were not affected by the fire, and there were no casualties, the local authorities claim. They urged local residents “not to spread fake information” to avoid criminal or administrative respincibility according to Russian law.

The publication 93.ru reports that local residents heard two explosions on the territory of the oil depot with a difference of a few seconds.

The Astra publisher reports that the territory was attacked by “two unidentified aircrafts”, the boiler room was damaged. Two one and a half meter deep holes were found next to the building. Russian Telegram channels Baza and Shot also claim that the oil depot was attacked by drones made of explosives, which fell 100 meters from the oil depot.

Astra claims that there are military barracks of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation situated in 30 meters from the site of the explosions.

The Russian propaganda resource “RIA Novosti” reported with reference to the emergency services that a drone was recorded in the area of the oil depot.


The Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg stopped receiving planes. The city announced the “Carpet” plan due to another unknown object in the air. The unidentified object that closed the sky over St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region looks like a large drone - “Fontanka” reports. It was seen 160-200 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The Russian Ministry of Defense shared this information to Pulkovo Airport and now two the Su-35 and the MiG-31 fighters are operating in the air.

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