Russian S-300 Missile Destroyed Residential Building in Zaporizhzhia City Center

Russian invaders almost completely destroyed the five-storey building in Zaporizhzhia. As for now, three people were killed and probably more injured. The information came from the secretary of Zaporizhzhya city council, Anatoliy Kurtev. Three floors and ten apartments were completely destroyed.

According to him, the enemy hit the five-storey civilian building, destroying it. Emergency services are getting people from the rubble. As for now 11 people, living in this building survived and saved.

Local authorities have launched assistance points with rescuers, police, city councils, and social protection workers. Communal buses are evacuating the victims. Authorities are documenting the evidence of a war crime.

The Zaporizhzhya regional military administration reported that the impact was probably applied by the S-300 air defense complex missile.

The consequences of another S-300 missile attack on Zaporizhzhya.


Written by

Yevhen Alshan

Ukrainian writer & editor at Twiyo Content. Born in Donetsk, currently situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. I cover news from the heart of Europe’s fight for freedom.