China Studies Russia's War in Ukraine for Potential Taiwan Conflict Pitfalls

China is carefully studying the impact of American weapons and technology used against Russian forces in the Ukraine war, according to a Reuters review of Chinese military publications. With a network of researchers from universities, arms manufacturers, and military intelligence think tanks, the study aims to identify and prepare against potential threats in a conflict with Taiwan. The review also found a consensus among Chinese researchers for maximum investment in combat drones, as well as concern about the role of SpaceX’s Starlink network, which provides communication to the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Additionally, researchers called for improved military equipment protection, referencing damage caused by Stinger and Javelin missiles to Russian tanks and warships.

Why it matters

The review sheds light on China’s preparations for a potential conflict with Taiwan, with a focus on lessons learned from the Ukraine conflict. As tensions between China and Taiwan rise, China’s military modernization and increased spending on defense highlights the importance of understanding their strategy and potential capabilities. The study also reveals China’s interest in developing its own satellite network and investment in drone technology.

What’s next

As China continues to increase its military capabilities, it is likely to continue studying conflicts like the one in Ukraine to identify potential threats and improve its own military strategy. It remains to be seen how China’s investment in drone technology and satellite networks will impact future conflicts. However, as China seeks to establish its dominance in the region, tensions with its neighbors, particularly Taiwan, are expected to remain high.

Written by

Yevhen Alshan

Ukrainian writer & editor at Twiyo Content. Born in Donetsk, currently situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. I cover news from the heart of Europe’s fight for freedom.